Dharma chakra

Dharma chakra

Dharma means the wisdom of the supramundane paths.

Chakra means the sharp edged wheel like weapon called “Chakrayudha”.
Chakrayudha is a very powerful weapon. According to sage Purna Kashyapa, one can make a heap of flesh out of all the beings in this world using this weapon.

The wisdom of the supramundane paths, which is the pure & complete knowledge of the four noble truths, too, is the only powerful weapon which destroys the evil defilements completely. According to ‘Visuddhimagga’, the age long defilements  in a being could be obliterated by the wisdom of the supramundane paths like a thunderbolt which destroys huge rocks, or like a bush fire which erupts from strong winds and incinerate huge forests, or like the sun which wipes out the darkness with its powerful blaze.

Since the wisdom of the supramundane paths is unobtrusive, it is obscure. But, the Chakrayudha is visible and therefore, is conspicuous.

To disclose the unobtrusive wisdom of the supramundane paths, the visible Chakrayudha has been used, in the Dharmachakra. This could never be compared to a cart wheel since it represents a sharp edged Chakrayudha, not a cart wheel.

When preparing the diagram of the Dharmachakra, jags should be used on the rim to show that it is sharp edged. To show that it depicts the wisdom of the supramundane paths, which is the pure & complete knowledge of the four noble truths and the sermon on the four noble truths, 24  spokes should be used for the 24 elements of the four noble truths.
The 24 elements of the four noble truths:
  1. Jathi  (Birth)
  2. Jara  (Decay)
  3. Marana  (Death)
  4. Shoka (Grief)
  5. Parideva (Lamentation)
  6. Dukkha (Pain)
  7. Domanassa (Displeasure)
  8. Upayasa (Despair)
  9. Apriyasampayoga (Association with the unpleasant)
  10. Priyavippayoga (Seperation from the beloved)
  11. Not getting what one desires
  12. Upadanaskandha paha (The five aggregates)
  13. Kama Thanha (Craving for sensual pleasure)
  14. Bhawa Thanha ( Craving for eternal existence)
  15. Vibhawa Thanha ( Craving for self annihilation)
  16. Nirvana
  17. Samma Ditti (Right vision / understanding)
  18. Samma Sankappa (Right thought)
  19. Samma Vacha (Right speech)
  20. Samma Kammantha (Right action)
  21. Samma ajiva (Right livelihood)
  22. Samma Vayama (Right effort)
  23. Samma Sati (Right mindfulness)
  24. Samma Samadhi (Right concentration)
The jagged edged wheel with 24 spokes is the real Dharmachakra