End Cattle Slaughter: Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk Who Set Himself On Fire Passes Away

Bowatte Indaratna thero

Bowatte Indaratna thero, 30,The Buddhist monk who set himself on fire outside the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Kandy in protest of cattle slaughter succumbed to his injuries at the National Hospital today.

The thera, a prominent activist againt catle slaughters (nearly 5000 a day) take place in the island set himself on fire demanding that cattle slaughter be banned.

Cow is an animal directly linked with the Sri lankan culture as symbol of prosperity & suppot to the household. With its milk, dung & the use as other forms such as transport & paddy cultivation related activities. For Sinhalese Buddhists its a part of their culture, being an ancient agrarian society where the cow was the center of agrarian life) and religious (Hindus don’t eat beef due to religious reasons) reasons aside, Sri Lanka has a huge economic benefit to gain by not slaughtering cattle which is saving billions of rupees a year in milk imports.There are also many songs & litreature that was done throughout to stop cattle slaughter in sri lanka lately.

following his self-immolation the thro stated, “This is a sacrifice of a life. This is not a suicide,” the monk told a local TV cameraman. “There are over 5,000 cattle slaughtered in Sri Lanka each morning and it must stop.”

Animal rights groups have tried unsuccessfully to secure a ban on meat eating in Sri Lanka.Banning cattle slaughter had been a request from Sinhalese Buddhists since  the days of Ven. Anagarika Dharmapala.

An animal rights activist said she did not condone the monk’s action, but she added that the
unprecedented move demonstrated the anger towards the inhuman treatment of animals.

May the Venerable Monk attain Nibbana !